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Monitor Archive for October 17, 1985

For dinner: plots and counterplots, with a twist
The United Nations at 40 There appears to be a consensus that the UN has not entirely lived up to expectations, but many observers also say that it...
PORTUGAL/ Defeated prime minister seeks the presidency
Wynton Marsalis: right man with the wrong group?
Chrysler strike vs. high-tech. Issues go beyond market share for No. 3 automaker
A lame-duck German leader sounds off on economic issues
Letters to the Editors. The new environmentalists
Such is the gentleness
Reformers push hard to change the Pentagon
US grapples with ABM definitions. White House hedges on earlier view of missile-defense treaty
College football's top teams
Doubts about Mideast peace as Peres arrives. Achille Lauro complicates the search for peace
Worth noting on TV
Household math
Orr: first S. African state doctor to detail police abuse
PUERTO RICO/ Torrential rains lead to massive mud slide
BRITAIN/ Lloyd's of London makes art work for its members
ABM Treaty excerpts
Court's verdict on handguns: Let the seller beware!
Politics & deficits
Defense budget boosts US economy as civilian sector starts to slow
Papers may soon hit Philly streets again. Life is hard without ads, movie lists, in-depth news
Japan's yen for baseball means dollars for company sponsors
Charting careers of Harvard businesswomen
Appeal heard in case of Indian convicted of killing FBI agents
The blooming democracy of India. Scholars discuss why this British import flourishes
TWO ART SHOWS. Standing on that blurry border between art and craft
Unburdened parenting
Nicaraguan leader backtracks on many civil rights
Vision so startling it changed movies forever
Small ambassadors make a big hit
Stability at the Fed
News In Brief
Scholars make lifelong discovery of India
Schembechler expected Michigan to improve -- but not this much
Affirming affirmative action
SDI: realities and misconceptions
Does yesterday's music come too easily to today's supervirtuosos?
Everything was distilled, coded, modified
AFRICAN JOURNEY/ Corruption in Kenya -- the prerogative of power
Ethiopia making millions from aid