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Monitor Archive for October 15, 1985

Flip-flop for Democrats
Step-by-step guide to Swiss pruning. Reshaping fruit trees into pyramids can boost their productivity
Energy boom gone bust overshadows efforts to restart Denver economy
Edwin Way Teale on winter's end
30-minute budget
Weizman: pursuing peace
The Teales celebrated Oct. 15
Answers to terrorism elude US and Israel. Israeli leader visits US in bid to continue Mideast peace process
State steel conglomerate is an amalgam of Austria's industrial strains
Letters to the Editor. Music and the human heart
News In Brief
Old mining town screens some shining film nuggets
America's basic space policy needs an overhaul
No job too small
Today's age-old challenges for Jews. Scholar Nathan Perlmutter on quelling terrorism and anti-Semitism
Psst, company execs are buying their own stocks, the gurus say
US intervention creates problems for its allies. Italy's refusal to stop escape of PLO figure has marred relations with US
Rambo busts through China's `open door'
Finding MIAs
Kahane: gaining fans, foes
Austria hunts new industry, new policies
D'etente of a different sort: US-Soviet physicians find that cooperation wins the prize
Sweeping look at Russia's literary art
Off Broadway moves toward repertory -- could it signal a trend?
Washington's fall agenda
Dreamland politics (US)
Industrial nations' plans for dollar and debtors invokes interdependence
Ask the gardeners Q&A
New appointees unlikely to shift Fed policy
Now you, too, can be privy to Pravda's dogma
Kidnapping highlights plight of Salvadorean political prisoners
Hijacking of the Achille Lauro: a chronology
Nobel honor