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Monitor Archive for October 1, 1985

Lessons of the Rainbow Warrior
MTV show: some signs of art lurking in the wings
Financial offers give UPI new lease on life after near bankruptcy
Arco putting a big stake in Chinese gas field
Soviet leader aims to boost presummit position on Paris visit
Chasing emus, cormorants, and moles, BBC's Attenborough puts nature on TV
New paper for Murdoch
Travail that licked inflation is ignored, economist warns
US economy bouncing back. But growth is still likely to be modest through the end of 1985
Americans face epidemic of fear about spread of AIDS. Misunderstandings and injustice flow from deep public anxiety
USSR and Afghans
China's anniversary: festivity and debate. Deng's reforms are under close scrutiny this year
Spiritual resistance gives you immunity
Searching for America's early roots
Gloria and readiness
A sculptor seeks the center point
Resignation of Salvadorean rightist comes as no surprise. D'Aubuisson's decline apparent since defeat in '84 elections
Ask the gardeners Q&A
Letters to the Editor. Back to school
Americans face epidemic of fear about spread of AIDS. Church leaders would help victims -- without condoning life styles
`Star wars' brings West Germany and France closer together
An orchard of stone fruits thrives in the Maine foothills
Canada drops qualms, moves toward free-trade talks with US. Mulroney wants package of trade-barrier reductions
When wrenches, saws, and clipboards are nowhere to be found
`The loose-leaf library'
Northwest forests sprout crop of illegal aliens. Unscrupulous firms using illegals to win US contracts
Cardinals' Herzog excels at building a team; playoffs fairer now
Cambridge theater is top NEA grant-getter. American Rep's diversity was the winning factor
New Quebec premier talks business, not separation from Canada
Predicting earthquakes: act wisely on long-term forecasts
Another merger joins tobacco and edibles
Gorbachev's emergence and SDI
News In Brief
Gorbachev's summit beyond the summit
Sihanouk's pet project: setting up negotiations on Kampuchea
Constitutional lawyer Tribe wants independent Supreme Court
In hard-hit area of capital, Mexicans manage to get by
William Penn defines balance