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Monitor Archive for January 9, 1985

A surprised eye on `this elegant nation'
High court widens exceptions to Fourth Amendment bans
Kampuchea guerrilla losses are more military than political
No duplicates
Going, going gone! An auction of American antiques
Gift and packing ideas for cheese, cookies
New roles
Beyond Geneva: nurturing US-Soviet ties
Soviet Union tries to boost its trade with the West
`Einstein on the Beach': two views of a masterly revival. Music of Glass opera needs strong visual support
Fewer Egyptians come to Israeli institute than hoped, but director calls it a success
Takeout trend shifts into high gear with semiprepared gourmet food
A tale of two brothers: bringing French cuisine to English tables
A new batch of cookbooks: soups and stews to lotus root
With 49ers and Dolphins, Super Bowl boasts built-in excellence
`Einstein on the Beach': two views of a masterly revival. Robert Wilson's sensitive staging shapes production
Cookbooks that celebrate American food
Kennedy visit to South Africa. US senator treads softly on prickly issues
Workers answer call at debt-ridden Western Union; agree to pay cut
United Auto Workers will wait for strike option to force better Chrysler contract
It's good to count your fringe benefits -- while they're intact. Many don't know what they get; IRS would like to have a share
Boston pastor who may head Operation PUSH has `open' pulpit
Britain may join US in space
The vaudeville life -- from peach pits to hot showers
A human drama with pale shadows of colonial India
Political verdict on Ferraro: down but not out
Before redistricting, Massachusetts counts residents -- and dogs