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Monitor Archive for January 8, 1985

Anthony Trollope apologizes
The carrot: growing sweeter by the year
Lebanon, Israel talk but each keeps hard line
Polish priest's murder trial enters crucial phase
Striking British coal miners seek `humane aid' from US unions
Curious about the colobus, okapi, babirusa . . . ?
Geneva recess
ORLANDO. The Grand Cypress...hotel for a boom town
Hanoi deals blow to guerrilla camp, with other attacks likely
Fresh start for the superpowers. Both US, Soviets see latest arms talks as more mature phase of their rivalry
One of oldest Christian groups enjoys a renaissance
Philadelphia's race-based transfer of teachers upheld by Supreme Court
Plea for Soviet dissident in Geneva
Beyond the legends, who else belongs in Baseball Hall of Fame?
Occidental and Shamrock plan big oil merger
Boston plans, with US aid, to rescue failed housing development
An electronic wizard in your washer?
`North of the Border'
Change of view on work hints hope for Europe's unemployment
Finding security
Shultz appears out in front as US arms talks manager
What America's Founding Fathers had that we've let slip away
Careful landscaping helps protect plants from salt toxicity
A merry Christmas for Egypt's Copts
Vietnam looms over this domestic drama starring Carroll O'Connor
Apartheid is swept away with the tide on Cape Town beaches
Asian `boat people' still dream of life in West
Arthur Devis's dreamworld
Reining in a `runaway' Constitutional Convention
Taking a new look at how Earth works. The International Geo-Biosphere Project would employ top scientists and best technology to unravel the globe's...
Singapore's next-in-line: `I am the striker, Lee is the goalkeeper'
Ask The Gardeners. Q&A.

US debate over strategic defense heats up