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Monitor Archive for January 7, 1985

Business may adopt a holding pattern while waiting for Congress
Budget priorities
Highlights of two decades of US-Soviet arms talks
Is it jazz, or is it Jacuzzi?
Scandinavia forgives Soviets and forgets stray missile
A disturbing study of the man behind Israel's war in Lebanon
What the old year tells us about the new
Market changes and uncertainties prompt a perusal of the `what ifs'
Merger of computers, phones: edging toward office of the future
Independents resume the search for oil. Market uncertainties, however, tend to drive out marginal operators
A teacher learns a lesson from a child's show-and-tell
PBS's `King John' is a lesson in how not to do Shakespeare
Rajiv Gandhi and the `two Aruns in waiting' -- a new way of running India
Juvenile-justice award winners
Trucks and more trucks needed to deliver food aid in Africa
Humanities vs. technology -- a widening rift?
Red-hot Celtics know repeating NBA title won't be an easy task
Japan's new export: cash
For getaway from Beirut, Lebanese Christians head for the slopes
State ideology helps push Indonesian Muslims out of politics
Independents resume the search for oil. Treasury's tax plan stirs anxiety among wildcatters
The art world's brief new bronze age
Holiday sales -- great for bargain hunters, so-so for retailers
Identity: demographic or God-derived?
Reassessing US aid to Israel
Ethiopia's regime
Understanding Lebanon: the Shiite question