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Monitor Archive for January 4, 1985

Esquire's fall from literary grace
Reading from experience: A New Year's resolution
Bloody reason in Northern Ireland
Weaving the webs of friendship
East and West don't meet in Santa Fe
Vietnam hammers at Kampuchea. Hanoi starts to taste military and symbolic victory against guerrillas
Between soft covers
Southern Lebanon: the slide from optimism to impasse
Byars contained, not stopped by USC's thorny Rose Bowl defense
Selections for young readers
An untraditional defense of tradition
The Millers of Academy Chicago
Cappy and Blossom
University chancellor promotes ties between academia and city
US-Japan trade gap is expected to shrink a bit after new talks completed
Ethiopia: hunger is not the only battle
Offering schoolchildren something too relevant to reject
New support for global warming theory
White racism is scrutinized in a variety of upcoming PBS programs

Youth training -- Britain's prize weapon against unemployment
China tries to recover pivotal position in superpower triangle
It was a very good year: Doctorow's `Lives of the Poets'
An anthology from the ``Index on Censorship''
Talk of new trade barriers could erode GATT success
Mencken -- pungent wit and all: a one-man show
Bucking the systems: two scientists in defense of the human spirit
Incentives for arms control. Both US, USSR have political reasons for favoring talks now, but window of opportunity may be small
Success comes to New Mexico
South Africa's Bishop Tutu returns home to mixed reviews
After Clark: balanced policy at Interior
Is matter an illusion?
Diplomacy: the most difficult game in town
Why Bill Brenner and others are getting out of farming
Children's books alive with vision and verve
Roger Shattuck and ``le merveilleux''