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Monitor Archive for January 29, 1985

Looking for cheaper ways to run a government. Reagan team taps the Grace Commission report for ideas on how to save money
Ties to Turkey
Did the Super Bowl TV ads hit pay dirt? Agencies say yes, even at $1 million a minute; but ratings went downhill
Nicaraguan civilians feel trapped in widening war
Helpful hints for in and around the house
Scarlet Gilia
Arms expectations
The edible lily: three tasty onions interest both gardeners and gourmets. Onion sets: use dime-size for bulb onions, larger ones for scallions
Farm recruits -- through the back door
Rebels accused of Honduran killings. Army charges that Nicaraguan contras murdered Honduran civilians
Beware of single-issue blindness

Gaining a higher sense of ourselves
Japan packs its telephone technology in one trunk
Dealing with the budget deficit, Japanese-style
US firms hope to ring up new sales as Japan ends monopoly on telephones
Jim Bennett gets ready for a grueling 1,000-mile mush
Quotable quotes
I'll shake that ranger's hand
Weather hype
A good buy
`Frontline' probe of fear and force in gang violence never gets to problem's root
Reagan at his best
Pope crusades for conservatism in Latin American tour
Test driving a dog sled: hang on and enjoy
South Africa bristles. Pretoria miffed at Washington for giving in to mounting public criticism of racial policies
Revolutionary Cuba. Toward accommodation or conflict?
Carrara -- land of Michelangelo's marble
Mary Austin on mountain streams