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Monitor Archive for January 28, 1985

Detached but haunting treatment of a 19th-century short story
South Africa leader gives an inch in rights for blacks
Yes, parents, there is life after adolescence. Patience, trust, and humor help you weather the storms with aplomb
Levi: viewing the world through a chemist's beaker
When cost accountants start calculating the baby boom
EPA tries to uncloak waste disposal at US weapons plants. DOE defends its practices, saying even trash can reveal arms secrets
Sharon vs. Time
Surge in part-time jobs: a mixed reception. Businesses cut costs; workers gain convenience but lose on fringes
Economic changes in Saudi Arabia carry warnings of possible political storm [BY]By Charles Waterman, Special to The Christian Science Monitor
US health programs: the budget's unruly sibling. Given the rising costs of medical care, some experts say reforms are needed to control costs
Moving beyond Manzanar. Japanese-American author heals old wounds, sheds new light
Nicaraguan leader Ortega views his nation's conflicts
Nicaragua opposition steps toward unity -- and US funds
Forty years after war, Bonn invalidates verdicts of Hitler's courts
Sharon decision affirms libel law, but slaps a warning on media
`Blessed are the poor in spirit'
A genuine VFOGI is forever
Can Reagan end-run Congress again to win over US on cuts, taxes?
US churches aim funds at peace, justice, civil rights
From beside a sea where the legends are still not quite gone
Divided government: more pluses than minuses
`Star wars' and the Geneva talks