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Monitor Archive for January 25, 1985

One man's view: compassion, not toughness, controls crime
Center for Early Adolescence. Making sure today's youth don't grow up forgotten
Minneapolis sports a spectrum of innovative junior high schools
Investment newsletters multiply -- so do abuses, says SEC
Veterans' programs face close budget scrutiny. But attempts to make major changes could arouse the ire of many of the 28 million US vets
Focus on textiles, needlework at New York's Winter Antiques Show
Urban emphasis
Both Time magazine, Sharon won some vindication in libel trial
Pressuring Vietnam
`Star wars'
Fueling a fascination with science in the junior high schools
Adolescents' special needs beg for specialized teacher training
Award-winning junior high thrives on recipe of sharing and caring
Foundation scholarships to help peace research
New York trial should clarify press ethics on insider stock trading
Hanging on was worth effort for Olympic swimmer Rowdy Gaines
Euroterrorism in the '80s. US and W. European military, political institutions become targets for new wave of terrorist attacks
Climatologists study 89 years of history to find out whether weather is changing
West Europe's guest workers. Living conditions have improved, but discrimination persists
Italy's terrorism from the right
Brooding images and crisp acting, but . . .`Mrs. Soffel' is based on grim true story, but it never quite jells
Europe returns asylum-seeking Tamils to a dangerous Sri Lanka
Of cliques, clothing, and classes: imagemaking in the junior high
West Germany's new generation of terrorists lack clear strategy
London's supermarket for art of the world. Contemporary art fair was mammoth -- and much needed
During long wait for Sharon verdict, it was time for trial trivia
Reagan's plan for US space science: It presents a dazzling view, but it may be more than budget cutters can accept
Steiner's essays: connecting ethics with aesthetics
A stinging British drama of excellence ungained
Three principles for a five-star junior high school principal
`Love your enemies'-- all of them!
Salvador's Duarte backs down on peace talks, further weakening his influence
Taking care of boots
Wanted: gd mchnc