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Monitor Archive for January 24, 1985

Seabrook: symbol of atom's failure? If funding holds up, one unit of the nuclear power plant still may go on line
Europe: toasting the arms team
Helping the Afghans isn't easy
Preventive programs teach children to resist abduction
Challenges to US lead in biotech
The apple pie parley
Namath headed for Canton; Super Bowl thoughts; Flutie a General?
Energy Dept.: nuclear wolf in sheep's clothing
Civility in the abortion debate
What to do about parents who steal their own children
It doesn't exist, but it's real
Social security could yield savings, experts say
Gasoline price's ups and downs keep automakers guessing
A true spy story with an eye for the absurd
New patriotic mood boosts military college enrollment
What is a miracle?
Russians (Shostakovich, Chekhov) entertain; also, `Art of the State'
Hints for children and parents:
Modern dress, ancient emotions in urgent staging of Greek plays
In Spain and elsewhere, motorists take a seat at the wheel of a SEAT
Portrait of the artist in a laissez-faire society
Time to shine up Boston Police Department's badge
Honduras angry that US refuses pact. Without defense treaty, some officials question toeing US line
NASA's manned space station -- back to the drawing board
Salvador Army shows anticommunist movies to lure peasants to their side
The woods
TV air date
Dissenting views: the Energy Department, postal rates, elections, foreign aid
Cyprus unity
Free quark eludes Caltech search team