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Monitor Archive for January 21, 1985

Saudis as producers: a dream comes true
Iowa's answer to global hunger: a 12-horsepower diesel tractor
Catch that rhythm! Dancing with Hollywood's greats
Preventing verbal pollution
Jakarta's shadow stretches farther across Asian politics
Air-fare discounts produce a bumpy ride for airline investors
Argentina's debt: easing the concern
Water experiments provide hands-on fun and discovery for children
Figures on windup of economy in '84 hint at fresh bounce. Christmas sales sagged, but output, income, and housing came on strong
Seattle scenes -- II
British, Irish officials advise against donations to Noraid
INAUGURATION '85. Reaganites kick up their cowboy-booted heels
Strategy for Saudis' chemicals: gentlemanly marketing
INAUGURATION '85. Reagan's goals: growth and peace. `I, Ronald Reagan, do solemnly swear . . .' -- the President embarks on his second term
Inaugural themes -- and budget echoes
California child-care center helps children, parents, senior citizens
LONDON. Mastering the art of traveling together...father and daughter share the outrageous and the traditional
Bandung Conference: the origins of the nonaligned movement
Rozelle calls for guidelines as to where NFL fits in anti-trust laws
Reagan signals eagerness, resolve in makeup of negotiating team
The veneer of GOP success
Mitsubishi Galant combines European and Japanese design
Football, politics: media siblings
Mercedes leads Europe on emission controls
IRA prisoner aid programs spend $600,000 a year
Seattle scenes -- I
First-novel journeys to foreign lands