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Monitor Archive for January 11, 1985

Improving France's teachers
Nonsmokers are slowly winning battles to clear the air at work
Retreat, shorten swing on tough returns
Europe's big chill brings frozen tubs and snow-white palms
Product design award winners chosen for excellence and innovation
Democrats and union labels
Learning how to make a good move
Bird voices
`The King and I' boosts a flagging Broadway season
Foreign policy goals
Worthy motives but unconvincing drama in film on drug abuse
Affordable Acapulco no longer an exclusive enclave for the elite
Other people's houses
Grenada's pristine beaches await a fresh invasion of tourists. Controversial airport now lifts island's leading industry
Not to be outclassed
Can Nicaragua's `pragmatic' president alter course of revolution?
Touring Kenya: off the beaten trail for unbeatable vistas. The success of Perry Mason safaris is no mystery
N. Ireland keeps trying to start its political engines
Total security
A skilled but unoriginal satire on romantic delusions
Ski training takes back-to-basics approach under Mahre brothers
Le Jardin Botanique: lush garden enhances Montreal's French appeal
Sudan has little food for stream of Ethiopian refugees
China's people's communes nearly replaced with more autonomous governments