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Monitor Archive for September 7, 1984

Democratic lawmakers warm to Mondale after Capitol Hill meeting
Soviets kill symbol (but not substance) of German detente
News In Brief
Many college students again show an inclination to get 'involved'
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The quest
The information of terror
Lodz: where evil was both means and endThe Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto, 1941-1944, edited by Lucjan Dobroszycki. Translated by Richard Lourie, Joac...
Uncertainties prolong debate over Georges Bank oil drilling
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Morocco-Libya alliance could help calm N. Africa, tame Qaddafi
Mondale seeks top Democrats' advice to lift sagging campaign
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What the other America thinks
A writer who captures the Russian character;
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Heaney's flight to 'more poetic spheres'; Sweeney Astray: a version from the Irish, by Seamus Heaney. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux. 85 pp. $13....
A look at TMI reactors shows changes and persisting charges
S. African blacks and officials begin dialogue to avert more riots
International meeting chips away at religious persecution
Summer without excess - a little strumming on September Song
Same-day mail services scurrying in long-distance business market
A new Oxford 'companion'By Selma K. Richardson; The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature, by Humphrey Carpenter and Mary Prichard, compilers. N...
Editor's choice
Mondale warns US not to let religion become ballot issue
New breed of British trade unionists tries to shore up a crumbling movement
Unpopular medical-care law in Japan could help Nakasone in reelection bid
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News In Brief
Their fantasies are the real thing
Reading the rags
Cleaning up the clouds. Scientists are finding the global problem of acid rain is more complex than they had thought; and the shifting controversy p...
Hollywood helps Deauville keep from being dullsville
Sri Lanka
Beyond the election: running the country
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Scooping up history: Modigliani sculptures dredged from canal
Detroit's decision
Between soft covers
Barbara Walters: 7 years of asking the right questions
Reagan softens rhetoric, not stance, on matters religious
Travels with David
Margaret Atwood and the roots of defensiveness; Second Words: Selected Critical Prose, by Margaret Atwood. Boston: Beacon Press. 444 pp. $18.95 (har...
College football's battle for No. 1 looms as wild scramble again
Discerning God's presence - a sure defense
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North-South rift persists among Koreans in Japan
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Phone companies campaign for customers
Two spouses, two careers: marriage and public service
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Answers to questions motorists should ask
What's at stake for economy as UAW, carmakers negotiate
Picture books for childrenThe Wild Swans, by Hans Christian Andersen, retold by Naomi Lewis. Illustrated by Angela Barrett. New York: Peter Bedrick...
Bringing cultural uplift to Caucomgomac
University press
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