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Monitor Archive for September 6, 1984

News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Flying Karamazov Bros.; 'What the Butler Saw'; Cyndi Lauper; Shirley Temple with green hair
Avoiding resumes that get a guffaw but no interview
Election '84: Northeast's key races.
News In Brief
Leading Chile to democracy
Story line tarnishes 'White City'; also, family filmmaker
The rising cost of campaigns
Mulroney's Canada
Romancing the stone
Preserving the last of Bay State farmland
News In Brief
News In Brief
Mulroney launches Canada on new course
Flying Karamazov Bros.; 'What the Butler Saw'; Cyndi Lauper
Where will all the children go after school?
Kansas leads the way in self-care of children
Flying Karamazov Bros.; 'What the Butler Saw'; Cyndi Lauper; 'What the Butler Saw'
Chernenko returns to a complex world.
Why Mondale is campaigning so hard on Reagan's turf
Ashland's policies to encourage new growth buck current suburban trend
News In Brief
Swedes debate how to react to a Soviet jet entering their airspace
Korean leader tries to pull relations with Japan out of doldrums
An insider's tour of the FBI;
News In Brief
Friends of friends
'Come and see'
News In Brief
US aid to Israel
O'Neill comes out swinging.
War-peace issue: study probes depth of public concern
S. Africa putting lid on unrest?
National-unity rule appears on again in Israel.
News In Brief
Qaddafi tries to woo Britain
US retailers seeking to waylay new rules limiting textile imports
Massachusetts raises new legal barrier in path of offshore oil drilling leases
News In Brief
US could adjust to 'oil shock' pretty well, say experts
News In Brief
The second generation of GM's X-cars is far better than the first
Reminiscences of a prodigious literary generation;
New England mill tells of its need for quotas
China issues new identity cards
French and Algerians mystified by Mitterrand's trips to Morocco and Portugal
Should the Constitution apply in school?
Hit philosophers
John Lloyd making impact at US Open; NFL player attrition
Resolving inequities in the US draft laws
No room for haphazard development in reshaping Boston of tomorrow
Solomon Amendment: a threat to education
Chernenko returns to a complex world. Kremlin leader faces new frustrations in Soviet foreign policy