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Monitor Archive for September 28, 1984

At the doorway of One Norway
News In Brief
A masterpiece found; La Regenta, by Leopoldo Alas. Translated and with an introduction by John Rutherford. Athens: University of Georgia Press. 736...
A voice with clout
KD: Knock-down furniture delivers simplicity and practicality
A special date
TV and politics
Undue influence from business PACs? The record shows it really isn't that great
World Bank, IMF take action on some key money problems
Ferraro comes to the Bay State in search of 13 electoral votes
'Heritage' peers into the deep well of Jewish history
Eleanor Roosevelt and those unbelievable days
A 'second wave' pollution cleanup begins
Mulroney gives Canada a new look
Retailers adjust marketing techniques and salesmanship to fit the product
Ferraro comes to the Bay State in search of 13 electoral votes
KD manufacturing: from European technology to mortise-and-tenon construction
Former Truman adviser Clifford says Mondale's still in the race
News In Brief
US and Soviets test waters for future negotiating
Those dancing feet - two ways to view a musical
Ice cream sundries
Six South African political refugees spark row between South Africa and Britain
'Never more to be desired'
West German Cabinet pulls ahead of rest of Europe in car-emission controls
Britain's coal strike becomes a battle of wills as both sides dig in for winter
'Hoofing it' takes on new meaning for jogging farmers
News In Brief
Argentine pact
News In Brief
News In Brief
Like coyotes through sage, L.A. drivers stalk traffic tangle
Alcohol's loosening grip
At a year-end forum the glitterati shine and trade their latest ideas
Post-season baseball a puppet to prime time TV considerations
News In Brief
'New' GM-UAW pact builds on '82
'Quilters': the lives of pioneer women weave a rich musical tapestry; Quilters Musical by Molly Newman and Barbara Damashek (book) and Miss Damashek...
Congress's funding bill has something for everybody
News In Brief
News In Brief
'Viking' Fritz: the invisible ethnic
News In Brief
Salvador plans to resettle 500,000 displaced persons
Honesty: more than a policy