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Monitor Archive for September 27, 1984

'The King and I' at the Wang Center
Congress approves $16 million to establish US peace institute
A McGovern echo on taxes
Hong Kong to pioneer new concept
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Act on Head Start
Can Britain catch up with Germany?
Christopher Reeve says stardom doesn't always mean fine acting
Luxury project seen as forerunner of lower-cost Copley area housing
Upstaged by Soviets, East German leader reverts to hard line
The early communists: 1930-68
Mondrian would have liked it
Reagan's campaign roadshow: carefully crafted, optimistic, with a local touch
Chicagoans play polo to save the wildebeests of the Masai Mara
TV gets A-minus for campaign coverage
News In Brief
Usual weather
News In Brief
Filipino rebels flex their muscles
News In Brief
Two plays of our times: 'Angels Fall' and 'Sister Mary Ignatius'
The new breed of Philippine communists: 1969-84
An evening of Christopher Durang plays
Tracking down the truth
Stemming the Hong Kong exodus
New rule aimed at lessening touchbacks; thinning Heisman ranks
News In Brief
'Charles in Charge' is charming; dreadful 'Dreams'
Wheelwright Museum of Indian art: preserving a reverence for life
Europe grumbles at record-high dollar but grins as exports to US surge
News In Brief
Pet amendments sail through Congress on wave of rushed bills
Maine pupils take 'recess' to pick potatoes
A 'club' where members jockey past forklifts to snap up bargains
Road maps for peace
Rare look at masks from Kasuga Shrine
TV politics: exploiting public insecurities
The capture of Walter Mondale
Bay State suit leads oil firms to shun offshore lease sale
South Africa's N.Y. consulate heavily damaged by explosion
Jordan's big step for Arab moderates
Criminal justice trend: refurbishing - or dismantling - liberties?
News In Brief
Voyages to moon, Mars in the 21st century?
New biography of Queen Mary pales alongside old; Matriarch: Queen Mary and the House of Windsor, by Anne Edwards. New York: William Morrow & Co. Ill...
This thing about rock
Keverian-McGee fight for House speaker's job a catalyst for reform
News In Brief
To fly without fear