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Monitor Archive for September 25, 1984

Defense, disarmament become hot political potatoes in Britain
News In Brief
Fighting the 'good fight' for 70 years, Elizabeth Sarcka's still in front lines
From steamboats to public policy: a capsule history of US think tanks
French decision to extradite Basque terrorists may draw Spain into European fold
First biography of the late mystery writer Ross MacDonald
News In Brief
Key elements of Reagan's National Space Strategy
News In Brief
Jordanians cool to Israeli talk of peace
Financing third-world growth
News In Brief
Drought cuts Canada's wheat reserves, may reduce cattle herds
Mondale, Reagan: a tale of 2 coattails.
Ten steps to 10 landmark amendments ...
Putting together the pieces of the Beirut embassy blast
TV's new mystery lady: Jessica Fletcher
Africa's hungry
News In Brief
Pete Rose is confident in dual role as Cincinnati player-manager
Getting it done quickly with God's help
News In Brief
Natural history of eastern Texas
Tempering of the dollar puts world money men in a good mood
In debt to the Langham Place Circle
News In Brief
Fair to middling
Outmoded university labs may be blunting US's high-tech edge
Reagan soars, Mondale campaign can't get off ground
News In Brief
A call for dialogue at UN.
Shultz-Gromyko talks likely to cover MIGs for Nicaragua
What one book would you give Reagan, Bush, Mondale, Ferraro?
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Charles Manatt: the good soldier
'Star wars' and singed arrows: keeping allies together on defense
Benson's 'Places in the Heart': sound sentiment, clear sincerity. Also, 'All of Me' is silly; 'Windy City' wavers
After working to limit air pollution outdoors, US looks indoors
On the hunt in London for good antiques.
America's think tanks
News In Brief
Scottish Gallery of Modern Art: no rubbish in this collection.