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Monitor Archive for September 21, 1984

A glossary for that glossy report
In charting a financial plan, be sure to factor in company benefits
Britain tries an honored civil servant for Falklands disclosures
News In Brief
A diverse new kind of tax shelter offers less risk and easier access
News In Brief
News In Brief
Next month: Your investments
New Zealand leader: 'I'm not anti-American,' just antinuclear
Crowning Queen Blueberry
When the faces of children make you stop and think
Plastic robots from Japan changing the shape of the toy market
Blueberry pie on our shirtfronts
Three movies making journeys in time, consciousness
S. Africa bans book by Monitor writer
Pick out a clean shirt and you get an ad
Where to get more tax-shelter data
Protecting Colombia's peace
Star wars
Reagan fighting vote erosion in farm belt
In world tennis, a computer has last word
News In Brief
Clemson and Brigham Young have potential for flawless seasons
News In Brief
News In Brief
Family violence
Truman on defense
Judicious exercise of stock options is behind many a young fortune
Writing a new and contentious script for nuclear deterrence
Personal spending drop cools US economic growth
Democratic activists dig in.
News In Brief
Supermarket approach to financial services: one-stop shopping may be good way to start
Hong Kong accord nears completion.
Japan inches toward sharing its defense technology with US
Retraining for laid-off steelworkers in Chicago gains gradual acceptance
Soviets announce tentative agreement on reactor inspection.
In West Germany, teachers have prestige but few job openings
Rehabbing older houses: extra value in money, charm, and history.
Paul Hogan: luring Americans to Australia on TV ad. Also,
To rent or to buy? How to figure if you can handle house payments
News in the USSR
A gathering of blossoms
The relevance of spirituality
Look-before-you-leap questions
No more paper-pushing, when computers link up factories
Should instruction in reading span all high-school disciplines?; Becoming Readers in a Complex Society, Volume I: 83rd Yearbook of the National Soci...
Looking past fancy photos for the hard figures in your annual reports
Previous attacks by 'Islamic Jihad' terrorists
News In Brief
The shrinking union label in America.
News In Brief
With fall in the air, retail sales are hinting of a healthy pickup.
Oil, gas tax shelters regain some lost status.
News In Brief
News In Brief
Suburban make-over adds elegance to 'tired looking' living space
The world according to Silas Ermineskin
News In Brief
Terrorists strike again in Beirut.
News In Brief