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Monitor Archive for August 9, 1984

News In Brief
Abstraction - we have just barely begun to understand
Politics and Central America
Taiwan takes on high-tech
Lawyers must stress service - not self-service - to shed 'hired gun' image
'Phar Lap' is a winner!
Monte Carlo SS: up-to-date performer
News In Brief
US panel opposes White House intent to quit UNESCO
This steeplechase has hurdles, no horses
Lessons of the Tonkin Gulf crisis
'Benign giant' in Swiss retailing collides with local loyalties
Hot artists at Krakow
US cities reach out for overseas trade
Dramatic, zestful Dance Theater of Harlem in London
News In Brief
The Old Giza
People and progress
News In Brief
Confidence rises in Lebanese peace
Treasury chief offers Congress a rosy view of economy's future
Washington wields 'stick' and states toe line on auto emissions
Bay State's new civil-defense focus: prevention is best way to protect
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Ferraro financial charges - blip or blot for campaign?
Keeping children safe
Thailand arrests social gadfly amid rumors of coup
Learn how to handle interruptions - if you've got a moment
Biggest fans of Russia's dolls-within-dolls are nations often at odds with Moscow
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Iraq still pushes for primacy among Arabs
News In Brief
News In Brief
Hot seats in New England's '84 congressional contests
Executives join to lobby for better business practices at Pentagon
More than one school of thought on paying Boston School Committee
Synchronized swimming in Olympic debut
Private volunteer groups aid third-world women
EDUCATION: Facts For Third-World Women
German detente unfazed by Soviet attacks
NATO decline: opportunity for Europe
Tapping Pentagon subcontract market
Gordimer's stories: a stark, harsh view of South African life; Something Out There, by Nadine Gordimer. New York: Viking. 203 pp. $15.95.
The birth of an important museum - Dallas justifiably pats itself on the back
When poets read
Economy's performance suggests it's faltering, not just slowing
Tuneups and turnips
Opening EC borders proves elusive goal
Man-munching plant; hash slingers, gas jockeys; Krakow summer show
When does an embryo become a human being? Britain's decision may set precedent for others