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Monitor Archive for August 31, 1984

News In Brief
There's little time but still room for compromise in auto talks
Pentagon tightens quality standards for its contractors
News In Brief
Why East-West ties are stalled one year after the downing of Flight 7
Israel's small parties cash in on political stalemate
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Soviets maintain tough posture about downing of KAL 7 last year
News In Brief
Hot competition among US computer retailers is spilling overseas
'Tartuffe.' Moliere classic au courant; Tartuffe. Play by Moliere. Directed by Lucian Pintilie.
Capote: the writer and his disguises
New close-up on Hitchcock's films turns out to be a disappointment; Hitchcock - The Murderous Gaze, by William Rothman. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Un...
And furthermore ... a word from our readers
Our schools
Factory outlets: super savings with no frills and limited service
Ontario holds the key, and the most voters, in Canada's elections
Cafe Sets. Space-saving furniture comes in wide range of styles and prices, from $30 to $1,100
Unions troubled on Labor Day '84. Bypassed by US recovery, organized labor unites to defeat Reagan

Mediation groups help resolve community disputes out of court
Was Kingdom of David really in Arabia?
Note to our readers
TV's in-depth look at US education
Is there a middle way in South Africa?
Tax carrots offered Australian voters
News In Brief
US, NATO allies at odds over military spending
In 'Kate & Allie,' TV mimics life; at Olympics, it copied itself
Come see the giant pumpkin, prize sheep, and more at state fair
NFC preview: Redskins will be hard to keep out of Super Bowl
News In Brief
How James Rouse shapes cities
High-tech experts describe what it takes to nurture their industry
Labor Day: let sleeping writers lie
Olympian aid rallied to boost ghetto
News In Brief
News In Brief
Roundabout and through
Home builders join the growing franchise crowd
United States foreign policy in the election
News In Brief
Practical tips to help you keep cool when your car overheats
Quebec farmers talk corn, Conservatives
No time for Hurricanes to rest on laurels; Dallas QB issue a stickler
Lebanese unity: more elusive without Pierre Gemayel?