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Monitor Archive for August 27, 1984

News In Brief
Steelworkers' president forges new strategies to revive union
News In Brief
The Cambodianization of Honduras
Japan tries to polish its image in foreign textbooks
Awards for authors asking aid: The Home Forum Competition
News In Brief
Dock strike could bring Britain to its knees
What does Crook County know that pollsters don't? Next US president, perhaps
Reagan acceptance speech
Composer Gian Carlo Menotti: taking opera to people
Communism: the theory and some of the countries that practice it
Challenger Reagan
Views of the city that inspire - and graffiti that do not.
Required reading on how presidents make economic policy; Presidential Economics: The Making of Economic Policy from Roosevelt to Reagan and Beyond,...
Saudi Arabia's response to Iran, oil wealth: more conservatism
News In Brief
New York scrutinizes day-care centers in wake of abuse charges
New Right's 20-year rise to power
Richard Burton: his place in an age confused about greatness
News In Brief
Ten-campus tour helps high schoolers choose a college
Major New Right positions in the 1984 GOP platform
News In Brief
The power of spiritual innocence
Terrorism's new weapon: mines at sea
Labor tensions grow in coal industry, but auto and postal settlements are likely
TV show teaches public about toxic wastes.
News In Brief
News In Brief
Rebels tell Salvadoreans to 'join up or leave'
Two years after world debt crisis began, the worst may be over
Is new child-support amendment 'unfair'?
Local Latvian-language papers fill in gaps in official Soviet press
News In Brief
Strong man Pinochet says Chile 'still isn't ready' for democracy
Forming royalty trusts in oil and gas gets a damper in '84 tax law
There's high interest in lower interest.
New mid-price Marriotts aim for consistency as key to winning traveling public
Children and antiques in the home: it's not impossible to have both
Lodging landscape: business and rivalry brisk
Is US inflation licked? It depends on pickup at home - and abroad
The latest warming trend is in Pentagon-press relations
Sandberg, a leader among Cubs, and the rest of baseball as well.
West Germany says 'nein' to liquid mines
Military and press in a democracy
News In Brief
Uncle Sam's quadrennial political hiatus