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Monitor Archive for August 22, 1984

Rich are always with us
Trial opens for reporter and forger in 'Hitler diaries' case
NASA eager to show what shuttle can do
Healing prejudice
News In Brief
She's only 3; and she's named for the President as a symbol of commitment
Rubbermaid has proved it's flexible.
China's first Olympic medalists get fame but not fortune
The popular IRA has some new wrinkles that bear watching
US farm exports stand at crossroads. Foreign competition, high value of dollar likely to cut long-term demand
News In Brief
Player-manager Pete Rose brings hot bat to poor-hitting Reds, UPI
'All-American' blueberries
News In Brief
Reflections on an icebox door
News In Brief
Diversity in Dallas
On living life in the fail-safe lane
In Harlem, the great promise of Ray Grist
O'Neill Center nurtures new voices in American theater.
Opera rewrites: Gerard Schwarz gives tampered versions a staging.
Women in GOP limelight
Seniority rights vs. racial quotas
News In Brief
Does Hoover rank among great statesmen?
Education's priority: public support
Elderhostel cooking classes for more 'seasoned' students.
A plea for environmental activism
Country cookbook for easy summer living
A psalm to be said in the kitchen on Monday morning
GOP is taking first place in the race to attract more young people to the party
News In Brief
News In Brief
Close race in California 'Bible belt.'
Shifts in energy-saver taxes
News In Brief
Sidewalk cafe
German politician makes surprise visit to isolated Albania. Strauss's trip reflects Tirana's wish for warmer ties with W. Europe
Easing airline delay is just one of many suggested safety reforms
Parties quietly shuffle the voters.
Baskin: stark style, unsubdued spirit,
News In Brief
South Africa arrests key opponents of its new Parliament.