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Monitor Archive for August 20, 1984

News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
New West German President revels in his 'nonpolitical' job
News In Brief
Simple snacks for those 'in-between' hours
The dividing of Cyprus: why other nations share the blame; Cyprus, by Christopher Hitchens. London: Quartet Books (distributed in the US by Merrimac...
Trip to dusty black squatter camp shows white S. African fears may be unfounded
Plotting strategy around the runs of August
Convention unity belies a battle for '88
The tune; (For Hugh and Olive McKinley)
The creations of Faith Ringgold: from Harlem, with power and grace
Banks doff 'conservative' gloves to deal with hotter competition
Ensuring child support
Traveling light
Composer Morton Gould: mischief in the man, magic in his music
News In Brief
Honduran civilian rulers under fire
News In Brief
Bilingual ballots: Do they unify or polarize?
One year after Aquino killing, political fuse burns on
East German chief goes against Soviet policy of confronting West
The tidy convention for Silent Cal
White House budgeters cut estimate of deficit against very long odds
Parent peer groups help children say no to drugs, alcohol
Tent city rises to protest GOP policy
GOP House, Senate challengers discover PACs slow to give
News In Brief
Women Jaycees
Late autumn
A letter to the Naval Observatory
Text for any nursery wall
News In Brief
News In Brief
A winning combination
One year since the Aquino assassination: a gathering political typhoon
Amity in Dallas
GOP in Dallas: proud but cautious
Must-read list for high school
A fresh management breeze in Silicon Glen. High-tech in the Lowlands breeding more democratic, less stuffy style
Fresh chance for Iran and Iraq to end their war
De Lorean verdict may encourage use of 'entrapment' defense
Small-town mayor on battle lines of Salvadorean politics.
Who's who at the Republican convention in Dallas this week

News In Brief
Rookie manager Dave Johnson has done wonders with N.Y. Mets