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Monitor Archive for August 2, 1984

South Korea, Japan hope to wipe slate clean in visit
News In Brief
Saving a sinking factory; Investors in Springfield, Vt., hope to put plant back in local hands, boost economy
News In Brief
Political pendulum
The Olympian legacy of a baron and an illiterate marathoner
Customer profiles drawn up by computers give marketers rifles instead of shotguns
'The Bostonians': so far, the best movie of the year. Merchant; Ivory, Jhabvala (and Henry James) have done it again
XXIII Olympiad: the gold standard
Polish-American group reverses stance, urges US to lift more Warsaw sanctions
Kremlin restates tough stand on space talks and 'star wars' ban
Faulkneresque feedback
Women sports stars tackle broadcast journalism
Talent plus Knight's coaching should equal basketball gold
Burford out
A lesson from a healing
'Times change'
Why '85 defense bill is stalled in Congress; Election-year politics, arms-control concerns put measure on hold
She met life head-on
Olympic commuting is the easiest event yet
Convention coverage: TV's trivia pursuit
The Burford appointment - why it's so disturbing
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Teen-aged Grime Fighters spruce up city parks ... and self-images
The highways and byways of arts
Britain tries to pin down Hong Kong status
Energetic MFA prints; two arts festivals - high-tech and homespun
Britain considers setting up a space agency of its own
EPA far behind in writing guidelines for toxic substances
Smucker's: a family-run firm finds new ways to spread its jam
News In Brief
News In Brief
Dukakis's loss is Ferraro's gain as Sasso joins presidential campaign
Ferraro moves into Dixie spotlight; Mississippi reviews: 'exciting,' 'too liberal,' 'blacks may go fishing'
Learning to buckle up auto-matically in Bonn - because now it's the law
Governors dust off Reagan's New Federalism for another look
Indonesia feels the diplomatic heat over turmoil in East Timor
News In Brief
Results of the first three days of Olympic competition, July 29-30-31; (27 total events):
'Baby Benz' shows off Mercedes muscle, speed, and handling
Product liability reform - it can't wait
US gold blitz, China's 'great leap' top Olympic action
Women hope to ride Ferraro's coattails into public office
The Constitution: above politics
News In Brief
Goin' bananas
O happy breed!
The weight of words: childhood memories of a literary innovator; Childhood, by Nathalid Sarraute. Translated from the French by Barbara Wright. New...