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Monitor Archive for August 16, 1984

Beyond Lawrence riots
News In Brief
US inflation is moderate and under control, right? Here's a skeptic
More humane treatment of animals
Movie Guide
News In Brief
Hurdles too high on South African sports
A broader GOP base
Grant awards should be based on merit, not on political clout
Saving British moors and uplands
News In Brief
News In Brief
Freedom to travel: a basic right that must be protected
An anthology of women poets from 43 centuries and 70 cultures; Women Poets of the World, edited by Joanna Bankier and Deirdre Lashgari. New York: Ma...
Maine's cornucopia of arts; Jack Jones; swing-dancing in Boston; It don't mean a thing . . .
Putting an end to Lone Ranger office tactics
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Why West is taking Moscow's spat with E. Berlin seriously
Space wars and the President's labeling game
Political overkill
Two triumphs at Santa Fe: sweeping 'River' and tender 'Intermezzo'
An entertaining, penetrating look at adolescence
Paintings to walk around in
Alliances weigh more than words in Greece's superpower scale
First Commandment: the standard for well-being
Lazy summer days on Black Sea
Roughing it with the beasts in Tanzania
Brother and sister act
Moscow takes Reagan's radio gaffe seriously but not literally
Can GOP 'shadow cabinet' shed light on better ways to run state?
Maine's cornucopia of arts; Jack Jones; swing-dancing in Boston; Crooner, clarinet, and Clooney
El Salvador rejects offers to hold peace talks with rebels
Baseball seen on way to full Olympic status after success in L.A.
Is Hatfield issue one man's mistake, or institutional flaw?
News In Brief
To Hendricksen, Hatfield's foe, the Senate race began long ago
Urban archaeology: local residents dig into their city's past
Price tag on slowing world population growth: $4 billion a year
Cowboys, carpenters, cantaloupe vendors get ready for the GOP
Tampa's Martinez: what GOP convention staff was looking for
News In Brief
Maine's cornucopia of arts; Jack Jones; swing-dancing in Boston
Stage set for US banking's own 'recovery'
Reaganomics and campaign '84
Oregonians prefer GOP tickets, but Ferraro appeals to their feminist tradition
News In Brief
News In Brief