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Monitor Archive for July 24, 1984

'Problem play' is forceful but not quite convincing; Split Second Play by Dennis McIntyre. Directed by Samuel P. Barton.
News In Brief
Salvador villagers rally for rebels - at gunpoint
Deep divisions await Israeli victor
From raising radishes at PS 19 to raising US environmental sights
Pyschoanalysis: a telling critique; The Perils of the Profession: In the Freud Archives, by Janet Malcolm. Alfred A. Knopf. 165 pp. $11.95
For immigration bill it's all uphill now as Congress resumes.
Stay alert and keep foot out of mouth
Europe's dilemma: What happens when cable TV hops the border?
Bombs hit homes of South African blacks
Rapid economic growth still stumps experts
Italy's revised labor laws may speed trapped tourists on their way
Mondale vs. Reagan on taxes, spending
News In Brief
Madrid's Zarzuela - where opera is a popular pastime
News In Brief
'Comparable worth' theory for granting equal pay has its flaws
Get the latest gardening tips by computer
'Muppets Take Manhattan' - delightfully'
Liberals, Tories seek to bridge Canada's east-west divide
News In Brief
Dramatic finish made this year's British Open a memorable one
News In Brief
Poland: time for US to respond
News In Brief
Reagan hits the campaign trail to take on Democrats
News In Brief
News In Brief
God's law brings freedom'Comparable worth' theory for granting equal pay has its flaws
News In Brief
Political 'High Noon' in Orange County
South African black spots and removals
When the Italians scooted out of the US, the Japanese scooted in
Tax politics
News In Brief
Poland's endless dilemma
News In Brief
Ask The Gardeners. Q&A.
Least-used letter
Yardwork's a breeze with 'Green Machine'
Joys of gardening: melon-box fences, cats, and immigrant pumpkins
In doubles, the stronger server should always lead off
News In Brief
'What's new in video is audio': the vibrant sound and many voices of tomorrow's television
Edinburgh: a wealth of Scottish sights
'Readiness' - a key word in 1984 defense debate
W. Germans clear way to store Europe's nuclear wastes in China