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Monitor Archive for July 23, 1984

The sound of glory
Pre-tourney favorite falls as juniors go at it in California
The stage is set for dramatic auto talks.
Asa Fox
Appalachian Trail maintenance a labor of love for volunteers.
An open letter to critics: let artists soar
Personal Income Grows
Silence on Sakharov shows KGB power
US economy: address fundamental issues
A record laser burst yields a brief flash of stellar fire
Homemaker: 'everyone's maid' or household manager?
News In Brief
Rolls-Royce scans jet engine market to pull out of its downturn
Where Have You Been?
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Spoiling for a rally? Remember watched pots
News In Brief
How will Ferraro play on Main Street?
Stability within the flux
The Ferraro factor
Neo-Democrats: old virtues, new taxes, incongruous promises
Islam: making the Muslim world tick.
Democrats: the party of the future?
News In Brief
How City College serves its working-class students
News In Brief
Gallup's poll of pacesetters suggests the shape of the year 2000
The shape of music
US baseball team lends old-fashioned American flavor to Olympics
A lagging Europe looks across the Atlantic at surge in American jobs
Decisionmaking: children need early guidance
Democratic 'professionals' back in control
Relief from high inflation rates expected to hold through '85.
Poland awaits West's reaction to amnesty for political prisoners
Computer trade
Mondale's America
British financial floodwaters receding.
News In Brief
A layman's guide to the how and why of newspaper reporting; Press Watch: A Provocative Look at How Newspapers Report the News, by David Shaw. New Yo...
Some insights and rules from the experts
News In Brief
News In Brief
Why Americans are leaving Saudi Arabia
Hart's friends split on whether he ought to run again in '88