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Monitor Archive for July 16, 1984

Shultz, Asian leaders disagree over US role in world economy
American remembrance: preserving a rural heritage
US now top arms merchant to third world
Moscow reaps windfall profits in the Middle East
News In Brief
My fellow citizens
News In Brief
As Grenada election nears, islanders prefer US troops to their own politicians
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Women's route to convention power
News In Brief
Conrail running on new confidence
Thatcher unswayed by economic storms
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Home away from home
In the age of the jogging shoe, US youth score low on fitness
Learning when not to interrupt your children's play
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Labor urges workers to disavow Reagan - despite US job gains
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Peace pact hasn't stopped guerrillas in S. Africa or Mozambique
What's Donne is Donne
Unity's appeal
The rebirth of Chinese art: fertile blooms
The parable of the stock-market bather
Excitement - and a few complaints - in San Francisco
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I am worth
Development takes effort
Mario Cuomo's credo: share the burdens and the benefits
A look back at presidential campaigns and conventions; Presidential Campaigns, by Paul F. Boller Jr.; New York: Oxford University Press. 400 pp. $16...
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This moment might be the one
Party political conventions - a uniquely American occasion
They don't make conventions the way they used to
'For mature audiences'
As Democrats convene, Mondale's challenge is to hold party together
Tony Gwynn was just too natural a hitter to pass up baseball
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Experiment leaves no doubt about television's power to influence moral values
New Zealand's Lange tries to mollify US
A special collection of lullabies and read-aloud verse for children; When Dark Comes Dancing: A Bedtime Poetry Book, compiled by Nancy Larrick, illu...
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Interest rates holding their altitude on old inflation upcurrents
Contenders at US Championship also look to world stakes
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Fed likely to keep its foot lightly on the brake of US economy