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Monitor Archive for July 10, 1984

What Bradley would buy on the ticket
Turning tripwires of nuclear war into 'fire breaks'
Intimations of childhood: What if Wordsworth were on the air?
Milky Way's puzzling core
I am a child again
News In Brief
News In Brief
Government rescue effort falls short for big French steelworks
Why the Western Sahara is such a fiercely disputed territory; Western Sahara: The Roots of a Desert War, by Tony Hodges. Westport, Conn.: Lawrence H...
MUSEO DEL PRADO - A Threatened Treasure
Kit builder's instructions
Hints of Soviet fast-strike force make NATO think twice on Europe defense
News In Brief
News In Brief
The continuing debate over civil defense
Southeast Asia wary of changing roles of Japan and US in Pacific
News In Brief
Mr. Shultz's holiday
News In Brief
Convincing pair of champions at Wimbledon
GOP ferment too
US-Nicaragua ties getting steadier?
Southeast Asia meeting may put butter issues ahead of guns
Hungary moves into new phase of its industrial liberalization
News In Brief
Martin Feldstein's legacy
Virgin Atlantic Airlines: flying to London can be cheap - and fun, too
News In Brief
Russian ballet in London: technique dazzles, choreography fizzles
News In Brief
Ask The Gardeners, Q&A
Sharp drop in British unemployment seen by economic adviser
The promise is real
Talks on the talks: superpowers parley over 'preconditions'
A 'jazzier' NAACP expands its mission
News In Brief
Britain's largest cathedral survives fire
The man who's rescoring the British musical
News In Brief
Overstepping the bounds of duty?
News In Brief
Barbara Bush
Sour grapes
Louisa May Alcott on ragamuffin school