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Monitor Archive for June 7, 1984

National identity shines in works of Cuban Ballet Company
Tiny Kuwait fears it may be target of Iran's next attack
MIT's 'Aesthetics'; 'Brighton Beach'; high-tech 'Icarus'; 'Jonestown'; Growing up in Brighton
US no cinch for basketball gold; NFL warming to cold Super Bowl?
Prowse Farm was fertile turf for business-environmental compromise
The limits of the possible
Indonesia, Papau New Guinea: a big divide
News In Brief
Severe winter, serious drought mean tough times for cattlemen
Cloning genes from extinct animals may give researchers insights on evolution
Beware of 'future schlock'
Congress, White House grapple with issue of tax reform
Upbeat family musical still warmly received, despite flaws; The Wiz Musical comedy by William F. Brown (book) and Charlie Smalls (music and lyrics)....
News In Brief
IRS sleuthing
The way things are in Grooms's world
News In Brief
Rules in the sky
Moscow maintains quiet ties despite cool tone toward US
The scales of justice shouldn't be used as a political stump
It takes courage to be honest
A young Israeli's special framework for peace
News In Brief
Yugoslavia's leadership adds new members - and a harder line
'1939: In the Shadow of War' re-creates a fateful year;
US influence in Mideast wanes, but 'we can't afford to give up'
Newton's nonsmokers may soon be working in smoke-free rooms.
Mondale talks unity; Hart won't concede
Hub's Harbor Islands
MIT's 'Aesthetics'; 'Brighton Beach'; high-tech 'Icarus'; 'Jonestown'
News In Brief
US-Europe trade: pluses outweigh minuses
Democratic unity
News In Brief
MIT's 'Aesthetics'; 'Brighton Beach'; high-tech 'Icarus'; 'Jonestown'; Tragedy in Guyana
Gulf war, debt crises crowd in on European summit
4 Key Tax Reform Proposals At A Glance
Britain's antiques fairs offer plenty of choice for collectors
Is South Africa calling West's bluff with offer to leave Namibia?
Tumult in the Punjab
MIT's 'Aesthetics'; 'Brighton Beach'; high-tech 'Icarus'; 'Jonestown'; Opera of the sky
No matter what, the French take good vacations
News In Brief
Testing in space
News In Brief
Dante's 'Gremlins' mixes humor and horror
US locomotive is on too fast a track for the long-term good