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Monitor Archive for June 20, 1984

The great presumption in criminal justice
Japan shares savings dividend
Keeping 'sideshows' from stealing spotlight in San Francisco
A nation of tots on the edges of their chairs: Who'll replace Bozo?
Building homes from the good earth
As interest rises, so go the money funds
China opens door wider into Europe to avoid overdependence on US, Japan
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The yellowed leaf
News In Brief
Embassies in capital cities
News In Brief
New York Philharmonic finds promise on the musical horizon
A quick, easy-to-make fruit sherbet
Freeze founder signals new direction for movement
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Reagan confidence grows -- and it shows
Visit to Sikhdom's damaged symbol
Looking up
Summer Reading
China charts its own course; But rich peasants and tax holidays suggest a Westward tack
Lear jet project in Ulster faces airworthiness questions
Syria tries to dampen Lebanon fires
News In Brief
High interest rates muffle housing boom
Nicaraguan contra aid snagged in Congress
Big business, big government, win big in Supreme Court
Turkish Cypriots want reunification but not at the expense of their own security
A fish market with an unusual twist
EC election results send jolt through French political system
High-level connection to Jewish terrorism?
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Primacy of English
News In Brief
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Senators chafe as Air Force restricts whistleblower again
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Some passing thoughts on kind hearts and stone faces
Some peace activists question tactics of weapons-plant protest
What are you expecting?
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News In Brief
British miners' strike changes character as miners, police clash
Nostalgic All-Star voters bypass too many of today's top players
At the Olympic Arts Festival, the world puts its best foot forward