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Monitor Archive for June 12, 1984

Asking Mr. Keats for a few revisions
News In Brief

Celtics-Lakers NBA championship series to end in classic fashion
News In Brief
A charming tale that never ends: the serial novel 'Peter Leroy'; The Personal History, Adventures, Experiences & Observations of Peter Leroy: A Seri...
USSR puts heat on 'ethnic tourists' traveling to Baltic republics
Jackson's emerging stature
News In Brief
Disney's future
Chicago, fond of banking competition, works to aid Continental
Newcomers and law
Bruce Springsteen's lyrics resound with memories of Vietnam, recession
Sikh mutiny spreads in Indian Army
News In Brief
Publishers find that small is rewarding
Reagan exudes confidence as he eyes campaign trail
News In Brief
Kuwait would turn to US as a last resort
Infrared satellite leaves a bountiful legacy
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The Gulf and reason
News In Brief
Surging, cresting, ebbing US economy
A strike is just what Daimler-Benz's new chairman didn't need
News In Brief
US gets stiff competition for new NATO satellites
Lettuce: salad enthusiasts' crop is a highlight in any garden
Anxious Syria distances itself from Iran
News In Brief
Gucci company thrives as a family affair
The art of politicking, high-tech style
Louis XIV returns to the New World
The joy of minding my own business
Hart tries to tread a fine line between tough campaigner and party 'spoiler'
News In Brief
D-Day plus 40 years
Mayor-council standoff may have a lasting effect on Chicago
New Yorkers scramble for ways to beat first summer heat wave
High court revises 'exclusionary rule' on illegal evidence
Enshrining The Beatles
Eastern bloc's economic council meets for first time in 13 years
At lab where atom is probed, scientists make way for geese
Martina, Lendl French Open victors
The Punjab - preserving India's unity
Italy's Communists look for leader who can reshape identity