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Monitor Archive for June 11, 1984

Restoring the abused
Investors watch Washington for signs the economy has eased up
China defense minister brings his wish list
Socialist Tanzania - in a pinch for cash - trades ideology for tourist dollars
Two Daley-like mayors 'hold the fort' in Manila
Showing Respect
News In Brief
News In Brief
Communist Hungary ventures into a capitalist-style bond market
300 YEARS LATER . . .; Chinese search for home in Indonesia's Sumatra
Poet, painter, printer
News In Brief
In the world of women's chess, Vera Menchik was a legend
Father's Day
News In Brief
'Trojan horse' tactic falters in South Africa
When your children go to camp, support them with fun-filled letters
'Indiana Jones': the special effects border on the pornographic
Chicago exhibition reflects evolving attitudes toward art
Pay now, fly later: a scenario for avoiding economic downdrafts
A hesitant House takes up immigration bill
Exiled Tibetans wait at bamboo curtain
Along the midway
Politics carries economic summit
For many Germans, a quick glance over the wall is a reunion
Congress keeps cranking out those commemorative days, weeks
Illegals jeopardize US 'open door' policy
News In Brief
News In Brief
Brazil tries to calm international lenders by both word and deed
Botha's Namibian offer: another artifice
Raise drinking age
ABC News special probes Syria's growing influence
California voters cap power of legislators - will courts back it?
The Coming of Night
Putt for distance in practice
K7 isn't Everest, but race to top is keen
Shannon Senate bid gets key endorsement
News In Brief
The unseen effects of proposed immigration reform
PAC forms to back candidates who support 'Star Wars' defense
Army assault on Sikhs sends shock waves across India
Astro catcher Mark Bailey makes meteoric rise to big league job
8-mm video cameras on the way
News In Brief
'Saudi-ization' of Saudi Arabia's workers
High spirits reign at the birth of Washington's newest newspaper
Must work and family be an either-or choice?
When sex-abuse strikes children
After London
Classroom teachers are now being asked to play a key role in detecting and reporting child abuse
Winning support