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Monitor Archive for June 1, 1984

Economics at the summit: high on visibility, low on results
Led astray by leading words
Moving US Embassy: What's the law?
Paradise divvied
News In Brief
Once in Treblinka
Finishing touches
Yankee traders
Need for new vision stirs city leaders
On not feeling very yippee about the term Yuppie
Reagan turns to Europe
Books by design
For Democrats in California, there's no ducking the touchy issue of immigration
Refiguring how to teach mathematics
News In Brief
When the artist joined the marchesa's circle
Democrats - pressures for unity
GM turns up the volume on seat-belt message
Britain orders new Domesday Book to catalog land use
News In Brief
Never say dilettante to a Flats Jackson
NATO and the East-West deep freeze
US officials face major hurdles in regulating genetic engineering
Alice and Martin Provensen: working together as book illustrators
News In Brief
It's now neck and neck for Hart and Mondale in California
The difference prayer makes
European universities; The Universities of Europe, 1100-1914: A History, by Willis Rudy. Madison, N.J.: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. 177 pp...
After a decade aloft, Texas' anti-evolution has its wings clipped
Mears hardly conservative in record Indy 500 win; Olympic tibits; fitness test
Newfoundland feels left out in sale of electricity to US
W. German strikers go to court
News In Brief
Long road to spot on Olympic kayak team
It's George, by a nose
New concrete blocks that leave heat and cold outside
More US air traffic now than before '81 controller strike
Morning. (After Gauguin)
Between soft covers
News In Brief
News In Brief
Editor's choice; Home Ground: A Gardener's Miscellany, by Allen Lacy. New York: Farrar Straus Giroux. 259 pp. $14.95.
World of culture under the magnolias. Charleston, S.C., plays an elegant host to star-studded Spoleto Festival
Victorian actor/playwright Boucicault diminished somewhat by history;
News In Brief
News In Brief
Price wars reach celestial heights
America as it was
Music and words
News In Brief
News In Brief
America's volunteers: 'The joy is doing it without recognition'
Fuego: foreign at first, but it grows on you
Moderator Paul Duke takes network political coverage to task
New architecture: the crisis of authority
Iraq threatens to intensify Gulf tanker war
It's now neck and neck for Hart and Mondale in California
Majority of Japan's middle class may have slipped into poverty