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Monitor Archive for May 7, 1984

Watch the blur of the swing
A close race . . .
Post-Empire Britain tries to adapt
The Poet's Corner
News In Brief
News In Brief
Have you a spare pothole to sell? You're set for creative fund-raising
News In Brief
Washington coalition mounts offensive to limit ads for alcohol
News In Brief
Lack of clout, lack of interest beset Ohioans in Tuesday vote
On Salvador's ballots, the fragmented left is felt but not seen
The importance of painting at home
Irving visits the other Poets' Corner
Open letter to passport office (since their phone is always busy)
News In Brief
The close race and the budget-deficit derby
A plea for correct opera casting and three recordings that didn't
Lady Macbeth and The Great American Capitalist Dream
News In Brief
Punjab tension
In raising children, it's better to be 'equitable' than 'fair'
Welcome new book takes us inside the world of Jane Austen; A Goodly Heritage: A History of Jane Austen's Family. by George Holbert Tucker. New York:...
Looking for work? Be an employer!
Revival of 'Oliver!' continues to charm people of all ages
The market appears to be gathering steam for fresh headway
News In Brief
'For your eyes only': fewer secret US files get declassified stamp
News In Brief
News In Brief
'La vie en rose' in a French chateau is not what it used to be
Jail suicides: unexpected link to tougher drunken-driving laws
Washington's Philippine policy: a little of this, a little of that
Cool player from Montreal takes New York Openby surprise
Sixth-grader cools the high jinks and settles down to writing plays
Bulgaria launches campaign to step up quality in production
November campaign strategies taking shape
Britain's antinuclear movement hangs on - despite its failures
$14 billion defense cut will have limited impact, experts say
Japan's goal: getting students out of the pressure cooker
McAdoo means instant points for Lakers
News In Brief
And it's not only the officeholders
November campaign strategies taking shape
Some Japanese give up security for tradition
The first three in the American Poets' Corner
Peace Day
News In Brief
Family life vs. public life - the officeholder's dilemma.
Some British voters find Thatcher too tough
Police chief: 'Lives are very dear'
Peace march is casualty of Beirut rivalries
Congress tackles environmental agenda
On world's most crowded island, Pak Hasan and family try to survive on $3 a day