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Monitor Archive for May 2, 1984

High turnover in a mutual fund can push up income taxes.
News In Brief
Israeli, Palestinian tour US to make case for Mideast peace
News In Brief
Pirates abroad
Foreign-policy bipartisanship; It stifles domestic debate:
Children's days
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Flamboyant home for modern art; West Germany's state gallery opens controversial wing.
High schools for engineering and the arts
Kingman off to big start with A's; Rose, Lasorda exchange favors
One thing after another
Stalking the wild: a mushroom hunter shares her secrets.
Dutch treats, traditions, and tulips celebrate spring in Hudson Valley
Fresh vegetables - heavy-weights in the salad bowl
Israel shaken by arrests of leading Jewish nationalists
The Iowa: from mothballs to missiles
Labor disappointed at high-court move to delay limits on PAC spending in '84
Cypriot leaders ready diplomatic swords for United Nations duel
China perspective
News In Brief
News In Brief
When communes break up ...... gap between China's small and large families widens
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News In Brief
News In Brief
When personality outshines performance
'Beyond the Sound of Music': Austria today
Soviets put heat on Afghanistan.
In celebration of the round-trip ticket to somewhere
Conductor Klemperer - a life in an age of musical titans. Otto Klemperer, His Life and Times, Vol. 1, 1885-1933, by Peter Heyworth. New York: Cambri...
Ailey troupe impresses - and disappoints.
A superintendent who is steering Philadelphia schools on new course
Jesse Helms back on the offensive in North Carolina race
Coal industry likely to experience steady, if undramatic, growth
News In Brief
E. Germany lets out some malcontents - but not all, as one theologian found
In France many working-class voters are turning sour on communism
'The Haj,' Uris's richly detailed Palestinian portrait, lacks vitality;
News In Brief
Foreign policy bipartisanship; It's rare but desirable: