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Monitor Archive for May 18, 1984

Antique games
Some questions to shed light on prospective tax shelters
News In Brief
Use Contadora nations, Reagan told. 'Reduce present military methods; redouble negotiating,' report urges
MX vote foils Reagan and O'Neill
News In Brief
Look to the boondocks for lower-cost housing
Voters in California almost as interesting as tight primary race
Greening of a Victorian gem, er, handyman's special
Colombia's truce with rebels shaky as antidrug drive gears up
News In Brief
Foreign students at US colleges: the benefits are mutual
Italy's Protestants gain status, independence
Capsules or God's comforting presence?
Shaping the Supreme Court
Strikers' strategies test mettle of German leaders
News In Brief
Democratic platform panel yields on ERA
Lebanon needs a UN presence
News In Brief
For the new TV season we have . . . more of the same
News In Brief
Those wonderful whiffs of kerosene
News In Brief
Ways to give your young people a picture of the world of careers
A Eurocrat challenges the image of a continent in decline
News In Brief
Moscow plays tit for tat across the board with US
Adding a child and dropping an income: a time for planning
Gulf course
Row, row, row your boat across the Aegean Sea
Have a day!
Protecting chips
News In Brief
In my trust
Democratic message to Marcos
News In Brief
Washington counters Soviet pilfering of its high-tech know-how
Labor takes issue with lower summer wage for teens
Is a lump sum falling your way? Advisers agree on where to put it
Republicans are far ahead in race for funds
Home-based businesses must tread a fine line on tax deductions
Before you entrust your finances to a professional planner
Saving energy
How about the investment you can feel right at home with?
Switzerland: peaceful for 500 years, and armed to stay that way
Can baseball's improved Twins fulfill manager's expectations?
Workers at national parks say service will erode under new plan
Tirade over missiles cools enthusiasm for NATO birthday party
'Scar-gill! Scar-gill!' - coal miners' chief takes on the Iron Lady
The tax-shelter appeal broadens, but IRS keeps a close watch
Breakthrough in human-powered flight
What to do when the postman rings twice - with an IRS audit notice
News In Brief
Philippine surprise: elections so far so clean, but opposition wary as tallies roll in
News In Brief
How a home computer speeds stock trades