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Monitor Archive for May 10, 1984

'Death star' and dinosaur-extinction theories are mostly speculation
Earning the Democratic nomination
Markey move spotlights problems of running for two offices in the same election
News In Brief
The Soviets' powerful political weapon
Hart proves it's not over till it's over
A subdued General Giap revisits Dien Bien Phu
Big Soviet drive in Afghanistan reflects tougher Chernenko line
Why by train
Redrawing a Square
Taking quotas off Japanese cars might not flood US market
Volkswagen regroups for a fresh attack on the US market
Peter Biskind probes the mental currents of the '50s through its films
That stubble in the fields helps farms hold onto precious topsoil
Canada gets its first US-style court review of national laws
News In Brief
News In Brief
Quotable quotes
Headset joggers
A 'Moon for the Misbegotten' that casts a searing glow
News In Brief
Hopes for warmer ties dim with Soviet Olympic pullout
Nakasone tries to have East meet East by touring Asian nations.
News In Brief
News In Brief
Nancy Astor
Quintessential gift
US high court: protector, warden, or prosecutor?
Southwest group fights Hispanics' feeling that voting is futile
Vaughan, Marsalis at the Pops; 'Cinderella'; Art Newbury Street
Parents can supplement driver education
Prime-rate hike
Moscow throws curve ball to China
Journey of enlightenment: 'The Mission' of an Iranian fanatic
News In Brief
News In Brief
What children say - about mom
Only seeing was believing
News In Brief
Feldstein resignation caps stormy tenure as Reagan adviser
Thinking about mothers and gifts
Shaken West Bank settlers debate 'Jewish terrorism' issue
News In Brief
Unrest brews among young, educated Yugoslavs who can't find steady jobs
The joyful testament of an artist in 'paradise'
News In Brief
Boston Events
Rosalynn Carter's graceful, candid memoir is anything but dull
Federal use of wiretaps continues rapid rise; drug figures are major targets
Soviet pullout dims L.A. Olympics and clouds future of Games
Vaughan, Marsalis at the Pops; 'Cinderella'; Art Newbury Street; Sunday on Newbury with art (and jazz)
Closing a Vietnam chapter