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Monitor Archive for April 6, 1984

My Funny Valentine
News In Brief
Reagan urges broader policy base
Censors to the right of you, censors to the left of you
The house where night fell
In his own way: Derek Walcott; Midsummer, Poems, by Derek Walcott. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux. Unpaginated. $12.50 cloth.
With crime rate rising, Spain tightens up the penal code it eased last year
When Holliday visits
Go ahead, take a long look
Now senior homeowners can have their house and sell it too
OUP and the spirit of the trade
Demystification of romance
News In Brief
Pushing the boundaries of dance
Shuttle's close encounter
Renovating family; Good Deeds, by Denise Gess. New York: Crown Publishers Inc. 216 pp. $12.95.
Mending friendships; Clancy's Coat, by Eve Bunting, illustrations by Lorinda Bryan Cauley. New York: Frederick Warne. Pages unnumbered. $11.95. (Age...
Books reviewed; An alphabetical list of hard-cover books reviewed this month
A very good radio receiving set
In summer you can't get near the place
USSR flexes muscle at sea as it tests US diplomatic waters
Mr. Inside-Outside...
Grilling the Cabinet
Animal books for information and pleasure
There's a newfound pride in Cleveland's school system
Before the sails can billow
Flowering of the Munich Philharmonic
Study criticizes invasion tactics in Grenada
30 nations to trade information on dangerous chemical exports
News In Brief
Tracing the history of the sled dog; Sled Dogs, by Brigid Casey and Wendy Haugh. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co. 80 pp.
News In Brief
Will slack economy check inflation, or money growth heat it up?
News In Brief
Hilda Doolittle: 'the purest Imagist of them all'; Herself Defined: The Poet H.D. and Her World, by Barbara Guest. New York: Doubleday. 360 pp. $18....
News In Brief
Getting to know 'George Washington'
Mitterrand's realism on steel
April is not exactly
The humanity of Jean Bony; French Gothic Architecture of the 12th and 13th Centuries, by Jean Bony. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press...
Chemical warfare: new ban needed
Pennsylvania's delegate rules imperil rekindling of Hart drive
News In Brief
Office by day, home by night: rooms that lead double lives
Gromyko's moves in Moscow
Laxalt says appointee ethics, deficits may muddy Reagan's reelection path
Concern for environment may shatter glass company's plan for Swiss plant
A voice of their own: contemporary American women writers
Jackson surges as black leaders grope for key to political unity
University Publishing, quarterly review of books, culture
News In Brief
Latin American debt crisis eats away at region's standard of living
Outlook shaky for postelection economy
One of New York's finest
Tough decisions, controversy mark Olympic Hall of Fame voting
Chicago spruces up the Rookery
Denis Donoghue at bay; The Arts Without Mystery, by Denis Donoghue. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. 151 pp. $15.95.
Scolar in the States
News In Brief
History in bits and pieces and the urge to make connections
Encyclopedia Brown; Encyclopedia Brown's Book of Wacky Spies, by Donald J. Sobol. New York: William Morrow & Co. 128 pp. $9.50. (Ages 8-10.)
Marcel Schwob, antiquarian seer; The King in the Golden Mask and Other Stories, by Marcel Schwob, translated by Iain White. New York: Carcanet New P...
Here's a guide to fiction that predicts what will fade, what will endure; American Fictions 1940-1980, by Frederick R. Karl. New York: Harper & Row....
Joan Mondale says the key to Fritz is Norwegian charisma
God and the bomb
Salvador raiding villages?
News In Brief
Mr. Inside-Outside. . . and Congress
Between soft covers