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Monitor Archive for April 30, 1984

Documentary asks: Can we put a fresh face on the American Dream?
H-e-r-e's John (McEnroe, that is) in L.A.
News In Brief
What is your motive?
Religious studies programs are popular at US universities
Security at '84 Games: the defection brouhaha
News In Brief
Polish workers resent profiteers but turn to them anyway
Animals are our friends: poems and sketches by children; A Mouse
Crackdown on sports drug usage means tight controls at Olympics
Changes in global trade prompt a shift in antitrust policy
News In Brief
China trade: chickens, Deng's computer, creeping capitalism
The downfall of McCarthy: Ike helped push; Who Killed Joe McCarthy?, by William Bragg Ewald Jr. New York; Simon & Schuster. 399 pp. $17.95
Animals are our friends: poems and sketches by children; In Harmony with Nature
The press of politics
US refuses to play ball with Nicaragua in the World Court
The Anderson factor
Presiding over 'memory of mankind': tough role in information age
Prudent response
One man's plan to sell foundering nuclear plants to Uncle Sam
Stemming nuclear proliferation
The China challenge -- trade with US
Ten years after the Portuguese revolution
Boston ice cream chain gets in new licks via the franchising route
News In Brief
Live from New York: children's radio mixes interviews, records, call-ins.
Protests -- a sure sign of spring in France
Reagan, Deng build diplomatic bridge
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
They cultivate a lot more than vegetables at Children's Garden
US National Open produces some sizzling play in Las Vegas
The Reagan odyssey in China
Despite good economic news, investors are still on the defensive
Dance's post-modernist push
News In Brief
China, US -- and world economic growth
New Zealand liquor industry tries to head off advertising ban
News In Brief
Two artists whose paintings have the power to provoke
What children say
News In Brief
News In Brief
Roger Smith -- rebuilding GM from chassis up
Quotable quotes
S. African relief groups find better ways to combat hunger
Wise words on disciplining preschoolers: be consistent
US politicians court Hispanics -- but come bearing few gifts
News In Brief
Philippines' Laurel: the opposition's traditional politician