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Monitor Archive for April 26, 1984

Fine biography prunes the thicket of myths surrounding Ty Cobb; Ty Cobb, by Charles C. Alexander. New York: Oxford University Press. 272 pp. $ 16.95
How to combat rust - public enemy No. 1 to your car
Turbo vs. super: the race for extra oomph
China's US-Soviet balancing act gets tougher
Two films from foreign lands with fresh insights on children.
Japan-US: 'backyard' pact
Libyan case tests limits of West's spy tech
Out-of-the-ordinary quake rattles some Californians, but surprises few experts
Asian pagentry. . .and policy
Detroit floors the accelerator on technology
News In Brief
The art and strategy of setting the sticker price of a new automobile
News In Brief
Auto bonuses come after lean years, but labor wants fat, too
The four-star perspective on the NATO alliance
Delicate 'Crimes of the Heart'; 'L.S.D.': aims high, but falls short
News In Brief
'WE THE PEOPLE': rightful custodians of the Constitution
Delicate 'Crimes of the Heart'; 'L.S.D.': aims high, but falls short
Remember to include your car on the spring fix-up list
Getting rid of Boston's red ink may tax the mayor's ability to say 'no'
Deng's thoughts?
News In Brief
Proposed muzzles on research freedom could retard US technology
Reading the compass of China's foreign policy
'Full speed ahead' with plans for Massachusetts' tall ship festival
News In Brief
News In Brief
Europe tries to find common ground for battle to clean up air
UMW, postal workers begin hard bargaining with employers
A service log - well worth the effort
News In Brief
News In Brief
Delicate 'Crimes of the Heart'; 'L.S.D.': aims high, but falls short
Boston Events
May Sky chart; Northern Hemisphere gazer's guide
Self-service: more than just pumping gas
Camelia Sadat carries on her father's independence, values
Computers' whir replaces typists' tap-tap at White House
How to uncover hidden jobs: try rearranging your skills
Shades of '58 China islands crisis reappear with Reagan visit
And furthermore . . .
Congress returns from recess to plateful of unresolved issues
A plank has two ends
Master meteorologist
Asian pageantry . . .
She meets challenges that go back at least to Kline and Pollock
Providence, R.I., regroups after city's mayor resigns over felony conviction
Europe tightens up on immigration
Cars are ableep with the latest in electronic controls
'The Golden Age' glistens with crisp acting and stylish humor; The Golden Age. Play By A.R. Gurney Jr. Starring Irene Worth, Stockard Channing , Jef...
News In Brief
The minivan: a vehicle whose time has come
Afghan guerrilla strength triggers Soviet offensive
A change of view
Golf Kite tales; baseball's graceful stars; NFL draft
News In Brief