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Monitor Archive for April 19, 1984

News In Brief
Have, get
Democratic values
Commuters ply the high seas of Boston Harbor to beat Expressway
New Ireland Forum likely to generate more publicity than action
News In Brief
News In Brief
CIA and democracy
Masters victory a good fit for Ben Crenshaw; basketball's messy final minutes scrutinized
Now it's the states' turn to set standards for individual rights
Jackie Jackson: Jesse's not the only orator in the family
Britain scrambles to plug intelligence leaks
The Jesse Jackson factor
You can't keep a good man down
Early Shepard by the ART; bold BSO season; jazz-fusion at Berklee
Socialist Austria puts on conservative clothing to preserve economic success
'92 World's Fair whips up debate in Windy City
News In Brief
Early Shepard by the ART; bold BSO season; jazz-fusion at Berklee; Promising BSO season
Three new films about father and son: sincere but not superior
The Democrats and dual primaries
What Copley said to West
Alien sweeps
Ford Escort still one of the best bargains among domestic cars
Shaping US cities with steel, glass, and a 'renewal of spirit'
News In Brief
News In Brief
Where to put New England's radioactive waste?; Negotiations stall as each state refuses to host new facility
The Visual Memory bank
Runaway salaries for officials send a wrong signal to taxpayers
A blind man who persevered - and a documentary that doesn't
Latest California Poll gives Hart a slight edge over Mondale
Mexico convinces its people to have fewer children - but growth rate is still high
To change cold fact into humane imagery
News In Brief
China reassures Britain on Hong Kong
Swedish chic for the blue-collar set
High-tech: 'To market, to market' cry eases, but new stocks still come
White House tilts with the Fed over keeping the money flowing
Early Shepard by the ART; bold BSO season; jazz-fusion at Berklee; Weather Report
Automatic tellers, electronic mail raise privacy concerns
Nicaragua's Marxist leaders may stick to mixed economy
Insider's guide to the hidden job market
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
'China card' policy shadows Reagan
Aboard a space station mock-up
New edition gives us Yeats's poems as the poet himself intended
Chicago's One Financial Place