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Monitor Archive for April 18, 1984

News In Brief
Robert Hunter: a stirring lyricist with a freight-train strum
Sizing up the Met's centennial season: it's not what it could be
Syria: back to Beirut?
News In Brief
Partners in Seabrook nuclear plant work to keep New Hampshire project alive
News In Brief
'What awe!' One reporter recalls the D-Day invasion
The biography of a dyed-in-the-wool American essayist; E. B. White: A Biography, by Scott Elledge. New York: Norton. 400 pp. $22.50.
Australia changes its national tune
Despite diplomatic gains, South Africa plans military buildup
Salvador's hottest election issue: voter registration
'Entrepreneurial ideas'
Boston's choice
Data on new housing shows drop, but it's too soon to see trend
Preserving the imprint of man
Family themes flourish in Broadway musicals this season. Varied forms of this often missing element can be seen in current fare
News In Brief
Our link with God
Heavy political spending by PACs is likely to continue in '84 election
News In Brief
Smith, Moller seek Olympic passage with Boston Marathon wins
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Ham - an Eastertime tradition
African tragedy
Wiretaps: is there enough supervision?
Cracking the mystery of the perfectly boiled egg
Ethiopia feels internal strain as rebels gain ground in Eritrea
It's all in knowing
Momentum in the US-China trade
Dance class at the local department store? Seniors give it a whirl
Trying to sort out what happens if a public utility goes bankrupt
Zimbabwe volatile, isolated at age 4
News In Brief
News In Brief
Some questions about the $100 billion (or so) 'star wars' defense
Uncommon ideas for the canned pear
Bumps in the Atlantic
News In Brief
A questionnaire
German metal unions predict strikes as negotiations break down
Indictment - and proving guilt
London violence takes British-Libyan relations to the edge
You, too, can buy Treasury bills, and the time may be right
A Southern family's personal chronicle of Civil War turmoil; The Children of Pride, by Robert Manson Myers. New Haven and London: Yale University Pr...
'This picture you see shows George as he really looks'
Easter in Greece
Reagan's China trip signals growing involvement in Asia
Bright ideas for an overabundance of hard-cooked eggs