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Monitor Archive for April 16, 1984

Deficit task now . . .
Abdul-Jabbar's records are impressive, but his height and longevity had a lot to do with them
News In Brief
Market upcurrent hints gain in economy
Buying that home on layaway
Challenger - sky-high repair
Black South African writers 'break free,' publish own books
How teens' views have changed since '70s
'The Greatest Show on Earth' celebrates 100 years of circus fun
News In Brief
Solar Max mission ends with kudos from outgoing shuttle chief
Behind military and political moves in Southeast Asia
Spring's agendas
West German scorecard: establishment 3, counterculture 0
Are rocks boring? Not at geology field camp
Hungary's communist view of capitalism: being 'rich' is all right
The Man Who Aims To Keep The Philippines May Election Clean
That's not a picture hook - it's a 'bug'

Tough stand on terrorism may win votes in Israel
I'm taking dancing again
US credibility and the World Court
FTC's approval keeps GM-Toyota joint venture on schedule
At the gallery
News In Brief
JFK's policy in Africa - a revealing look at overlooked history; J.F.K.: Ordeal in Africa, by Richard H. Mahoney. New York: Oxford University Press....
Behind military and political moves in Southeast Asia
'Don Quixote' will come to Spanish TV - with help from the Soviets
Reagan letter to Marcos accents 'free' Philippine elections
An honored choreographer says yes you can
Philippine general sticks with official version of Aquino killing
IMF and international debt: some questions and answers
House, Senate tax bills head for conference action.
News In Brief
How do you feel about house chores?
Behind US rebuff of World Court
Language as a cultural doorway: how one professor teaches French
Kasparov's technique shone in Game 9 with Smyslov
Is there a silver lining for US deficit in foreign-policy fiasco?

Despite a marvelous show, Millet remains a minor painter
If you're a good detective, you can be a good gardener
Hamburg museum lends a hand to Americans tracing forefathers
News In Brief
When a starling fell into her life. . .; Arnie, the Darling Starling, by Margarete Sigl Corbo and Diane Marie Barras.Illustrated by Leslie Morrill....
...and in 1985
Scientist develops fabric that may lead to heat-pump parka
For day care, there's no place like home
News In Brief
Americans don't know Ireland
News In Brief
Teen jobs: parents should guide, but not take over
News In Brief