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Monitor Archive for April 13, 1984

Insulation against dampness from a crawl space; what to do when your flat roof leaks
Gray Panthers stalk votes in Bay State to ban forced retirement
Keep wilderness options open
Dublin's layers of history and culture reward even the hurried traveler
Recovery slows as consumers tighten up on spending
Satellite repairmen complete their first service call
Britain's choirboys sing a simple, and glorious, song unto the Lord
Mapping the way to London's hidden treasures
Nicaraguan exile leaders say port-mining undercuts their cause
Woman of contrasts: Nancy Astor portrayed on PBS
Leading Congress
Doing something about low self-esteem
News In Brief
Quest to harness fusion energy
It's official: Los Angeles ousts Chicago as No. 2 city
News In Brief
A series of setbacks weaken Reagan on foreign policy
Pristine robots may soon replace dusty humans making computer chips
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Wild-wild Western things - a hit back in the USSR
Canadian plan to allow betting on US sports opposed in both nations
Afghan rebels brace for attack
A journey to where they 'wurrk' the Scottish wool
Finding time to read - deeply
Serge Lifar sells off memorabilia from Diaghilev's great ballet company; Relics from the Ballets Russes
When we don't hear noises we can't sleep
Cattle-raising territory is big in raising venture capital, too
For Victorian charm, try marbleizing
News In Brief
Detectives: tales of an old pro and a new one; Valediction, by Robert B. Parker. New York: Delacorte Press. 228 pp. $12.95. Deadlock, by Sara Parets...
A magnificent garden festival in (of all places!) Liverpool
Great Britain; British 'Occasions' - royal, sporting, and civic - exemplify a way of life
Missouri, 'in the middle,' is set to caucus
Hardy's greatest character - the 'Wessex' countryside
News In Brief
What's wrong with this picture?
Lessening the tax burden
Berlin: again a crossroads?
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Will Phoenix go high-tech?
Festival planners transform bland Liverpool landscape
Wildlife managers, animal-rights groups at odds over deer issue
Fast-starting Tigers earning baseball stripes with reinforced lineup
News In Brief
Have we arrived at the practically endless sports season?
Putting a personal robot to work around the house
Decorating challenge: lighting up a dark basement apartment.OOD
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A 'Big D' start-up was tough; expanding may be easier
Fewer mullahs seek political office in Iran
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Financial 'survival' for the (almost) rich - a new guide; How to Survive on $50,000 to $150,000 a Year, by Stanley J. Cohen and Robert Wool. Boston:...
News In Brief
Soviet school reform: Herculean task
McCarthy: debate on key issues is missing from Democratic race