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Monitor Archive for March 26, 1984

Wishes from roses
The vanished world of an English hamlet; The Illustrated Lark Rise to Candleford, by Flora Thompson. New York: Crown Publishers. 224 pp. $17.95.
News In Brief
El Salvador military said to bomb Red Cross aid sites
The joys and challenges of playing Giselle
Nigeria tries to beat its reputation as hotbed of brazen corruption
Hitting the 'super trail'
News In Brief
Income tax and honesty
The Fed's war on inflation
News In Brief
Fed board to trim sails but not change course of economy
News In Brief
Debt trap threatens Marcos rule as Filipino economy worsens
Congress reviews high-tech export policy
Turbulence muddies a clear view of stock market prospects
News In Brief
News In Brief
Broadway too far, Hollywood too near for L.A. theaters
A helping hand for elders living at home
Strong contingent of overseas players link up with US golf tour
At least it doesn't endanger pedestrians
In his last years, Picasso took the leash off his genius
US farmers face stricter pesticide controls - here and abroad
From a Navajo elder - a lesson in respecting privacy
News In Brief
Finding appropriate playthings that don't break the budget
A quarrel with success
Kampuchea looks ahead
Some Spanish Socialists get caught with their hands in the till
News In Brief
Now US presidents will reward students for academic as well as athletic prowess
The seamstress
Poland's communists regain balance as church turmoil ebbs
Xie Xide - the gentle president of China's Fudan University
So people like me can type
Hart looks unbeatable in Connecticut
Israel's shaky Shamir may be hard to oust
'Quality time': what it means, how to be sure children get it
Signs of change
Keyboard unlimited
Long, long road
New Vic's 'Canterbury Tales' opts for Chaucer's bawdier side
Reporting and prosecuting rape cases
Single-term presidency
News In Brief
Kasparov's complexity and Smyslov's simplicity meet in final Candidates' match
Barroom rape convictions echo across two Bay State towns and US legal system

News In Brief
News In Brief
Despite violence, N. Ireland sees hope in forum on unity
Hart scrambles to regain offensive