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Monitor Archive for March 22, 1984

Namibia talks snag on Angola rebels, but Cuban shift welcomed
Putting 17th-century Dutch realism in perspective; The Art of Describing: Dutch Art in the Seventeenth Century, by Svetlana Alpers. Chicago: The Uni...
Virginia for basketball lovers; gymnastics peak
School prayer
Brazilian jazz at Symphony
'Star-wars' defenses: too costly, can be overwhelmed, study says
A.W. Clausen - an overview of the role of the World Bank
Orbiting junkyard of space debris threatens communications satellites
Who says portraits for pay have to be bad?
Common Market - common aims
Despite corny story, James Cagney still shines in TV film
Another winter gone, another busy season for Maine DOT's highway patrol
Why Boston's mayor and its police commissioner are at loggerheads
The lawn spreader: tips on use
Why US policy threatens Honduras
Curtain falls on Moscow's artistic dissent
King Hussein says no to talks with Israel
'Runner Stumbles'; 'Albert Nobbs'; Tania Maria; Luciano Pavarotti
Nothing about Eugene
Seabrook snafu
News In Brief
News In Brief
Reagan campaign and school prayer
Gary Hart faces another test out West in Montana on Sunday
News In Brief
News In Brief
April Skychart; Northern Hemisphere gazer guide
China's birthrate dropping
Confusion on impact of school prayer led to bill's defeat
Bankruptcy lurks over a divided Common Market
Nights are warmer now for homeless in affluent Georgetown
Creativity in the third world
Hart tactic backfired in Chicago
Out-of-bounds on ethnicity
'The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs'
News In Brief
Filmmaker Bresson sheds 'austerity' label with 'L'Argent'.
Reshaping family life in China.
Adult jails: they aren't made to fit America's youth
Disney plunges into 'PG' filmmaking with 'Splash'
British coal miners vs. the Iron Lady
Lebanon after Lausanne: a society falling further into disarray?
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Lukewarm Luciano
News In Brief
Lebanon after Lausanne: a society falling further into disarray?
Three-way race
News In Brief
Would you like to dance?
At a garden party
News In Brief
Film's 'New Barbarians.'
Mondale regains his momentum in Illinois
News In Brief