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Monitor Archive for March 13, 1984

Now's the time to start seedlings for a summer garden
Broomball team in Moscow finds its style is the Pits
News In Brief
'The loose-leaf library'
Italy's finest actor brings fire, polish to any production.
Sweden's hunt for underwater intruders begins to come under political attack
A list of some prominent pollsters - and some distinctions among them
No rush on postal rate hike
News In Brief
Students provide campaign muscle, but will they vote?
Southwest flood managers get ready for rising Colorado
The Mercedes aura: impeccable quality at an immoderate price
Why an OPEC-style commodity cartel never came to pass
Say, buddy, can you spare $183 billion?
The story of how Honest Abe's gentle face became a national image; The Lincoln Image: Abraham Lincoln and the Popular Print, by Harold Holzer, Gabor...
Regrouping in battle against bugs
News In Brief
New York's Astoria movie studio gets second premiere as a museum
In new approach to US antitrust policy, big is no longer bad
Canadian inroads in portable computer
Arctic Greenland sets itself adrift from membership in European Community
New Zealand's diplomatic break with USSR didn't stop trade
Sprightly geranium thrives on no-fuss gardening
Two East-bloc allies at odds over minority rights in Transylvania
Taiwan unification: Peking hopes history will repeat itself
Fair lizards - laissez faire
News In Brief
What makes it work?
Recovery dries up US military's reservoir of recruits
A storyteller tells on herself
Where to find citron seeds, gardening information
Where Hart gets his 'new ideas'
Expert says USSR may be Iraq's source of chemical weapons
Is Mrs. Thatcher's style too imperious?
News In Brief
News In Brief
Campaign turns Super Tuesday corner; Reputations of many Democratic leaders are riding with Mondale
Industrial policy loses steam as an issue in '84 presidential race
News In Brief
Recovering what is lost
Art coming out to play
News In Brief
McKinney finds spark as World Cup season enters stretch drive
News In Brief
PLO's resilient leader may get another Syrian embrace
Round 4 of China-Soviet talks opens
French-Spanish naval skirmish sets diplomatic relations on edge
Reagan, Chernenko: a time to meet
The spider inspector
News In Brief
Campaign turns Super Tuesday corner; Boy from Bethany Nazarene College may fare OK in Oklahoma caucuses
Syria sets the table for Lebanese talks in Lausanne
Opinion polls; Is the press fumbling the data?
Gary Hart's record: tough minded to some, an enigma to others
Today's high-flying businessman: have typewriter, will travel
Super 8 films become a medium for serious expression.
Arizonans await 'the ditch' as water table draining persists
Sifting air rules
Mary Shelley on the modern Prometheus