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Monitor Archive for March 12, 1984

Golf fashions are often strictly regulated at most courses
Finding our worth
News In Brief
Public opinion down through history
Sandinistas bring goods and politics to barrios
Winner in Massachusetts primary may not get the most convention delegates
Updated accents
News In Brief
A Certain Place
Menswear designers successfully venturing into women's fashions
US opens doors to Amerasians
Opinion Polls; Are politicians hooked on them?
Israel's 190% inflation sparks debate
News In Brief
Loner Gary Hart works hard to chart an independent course
Jane Fonda workouts
Angels count on rookies in bid to rebound from poor '83 showing
Forced recruitment drive bolsters Salvadorean guerrilla ranks
Super Tuesday: it's up to the voters
A philosopher and a warrior probe the complexities of battle
NASA tries to sell W. Europe and Japan on space station project
Dresses; Pick a dress, add a lightweight coat and accessories, and you're off and running - starting the day with efficient dispatch
Buyer confidence flags amid good news
Porcelain and common language help East Germans adjust to life in the West
I have arrived
Working women
The exchange experience: letting Ana or Jose know what to expect
US farmers get encouraging news as export outlook brightens
Poland's church-state relations may sour anew over school issue
Trends in ongoing drive to reform US schools
US shifting its world trade stance from team effort to one-on-one
Shoes: a variety of shapes, textures, colors
'Flashdance' styles easily made at home
Bridal fashions; Tradition sets the pace for 1984, but strong individualism accentuates styles
News In Brief
Greek-Turkish tensions remain after Aegean flare-up subsides
Hart's surge
Spring fashions; Hemlines are long and short, sportswear dominates, and dresses are gaining in popularity
The Collins Kids, past and future stars, are proteges of a master chess teacher
Greening the campaign?
News In Brief
Yugoslavia gets economic relief and new faces in its leadership
Discount stores often offer bargains, but check quality
Kaye Ballard performs her biography; Hey, Ma . . . Kaye Ballard. Written by and starring Miss Ballard. Concept, original music, and lyrics by David...
Asian refugees find life in US a mixed blessing
The view from Hawlin Hollow
Unemployment continues to drop
What's a Dad?
News In Brief
Buyer beware
Easy-to-sew patterns offer designer looks at affordable prices
Probing the unique ways in which we communicate
Unwise energy blitz
'Natural' is the beauty objective this spring
Greece invokes price controls against schools for foreigners
Whipping potential electric-power shortages of the 1990s
News In Brief
News In Brief
Relieved after election hubbub, New Hampshire pockets profits
Deciding Hong Kong's future
News In Brief
Peking promotes China-US ties as vital to Asia peace
What do the roads sing?
Men's fashions; Well-styled off-the-rack fashions offer affordable alternatives to custom-tailoring, once the only way for men to buy stylish clothes
Paris fashions
Hart, Mondale in tight Oklahoma race; Glenn tries to hang on
Video poker
News In Brief
Bay State tries to give 'lemon-law' safeguards to used-car buyers
Consistency of vision makes this collection an artistic feast
Controversy builds over growth in US military involvement in quiet Honduras
Dressing rich
Merger momentum keeps stocks from slipping into new shallows
Hawaii debates whether to back Mondale or stay 'uncommitted'
London; Nautical fashions, the '50s, Indian influences, long hemlines, and a blaze of color - orange, lemon, lime, pink, turquoise - highlight new l...
News In Brief
Avoiding alteration problems by choosing proper styles, fabrics
Lebanese make desperate bid for peace
Subtle differences can vary dress shirts
From Eudora Welty - memories as fresh as magnolia blossoms; One Writer's Beginnings, by Eudora Welty. Cambridge, Mass., and London, England: Harvard...
Attractive and versatile skirts are spring's fashion news